Thursday, October 6, 2016

In Court (Part 4):
Judge Kaelah

 (A snapshot from the smartphone videos of the event - link below.)

This is my final post about the spanking court event that Ludwig and I visited last autumn. The first three parts are here, here and here.

I had to preside over the last two cases as a judge. My first announcement was that I was the judge now who had to be respected, I wouldn't tolerate any disturbance (Sissi and Jura tried to irritate the judges as spectators and had already been punished several times) and that I was the only one who was allowed to use that little hammer. This joke referred to something from a mail conversation between Kristall and me, in which I had told him that the most important reason why I wanted to become a judge was because I had always wanted to be allowed to use that little hammer which judges have. Kristall replied that his main reason was that the robes looked sexy. He also called me out on a grammar mistake that I had intentionally made in my email. That was when I knew that I had found a like-minded soul – a sadist, nitpicker and grammar-fetishist like me!

My first case was a traffic offence. Of course I was able to prove that the defendant deserved a severe punishment – after all I had found out that he had been accused of several violations of traffic rules before and had always gotten away with light sentences. Not so this time!

This was the most interesting punishment scene for me as a spectator – the delinquent had asked to be punished by a man and so I could sit down and watch as Donpascual was doing the honours. I guess I would have enjoyed the scene even more had both participants been into M/M spankings (while Donpascual doesn't mind spanking a man, he isn't really into it), but it was the first M/M scene I had ever seen live and I savoured it.

The second case was the funniest of the day from my point of view. The complaint sounded pretty harmless – the culprit was supposed to have destroyed a window with a ball. The trial became strange when the accused argued that he couldn't be convicted because the whole story was just made up by him, he couldn't remember having kicked in a window with a ball and the whole court and hearing was fake anyway.

Since I had evidence in form of pictures from a surveillance camera, though (it's good to watch crime series like NCIS), I decided that there were only two possible conclusions. First of all, the strange things said by the defendant (like the court not being real) showed that he was seriously disturbed. It was clear to me, though, that he wasn't criminally incapable. No, I didn't need any psychiatrist to be sure of that! Secondly, the fact that he insisted on not having destroyed the window despite of the evidence could only mean two things: Either he lied or he had taken some really hard and illegal stuff and truly couldn't remember the incident. No matter what – both possible explanations warranted a severe punishment. And that's what I sentenced the delinquent to.

Erika and I dished out that last punishment as well. Behind the scenes, I had been aware that the delinquent was as new to the spanking court as I was, so I had talked to him about which level of severity was okay for him before I heard his case. I tried not to overdo it and to communicate with our convict throughout the scene, but it turned out that he could take a rather severe spanking, too.

And then it was time for two special scenes at the end of the day which took place in a separate room in case some visitors didn't want to watch especially the second, more severe scene. First Sissi and Jura were tied together and in turn punished by Erika, Ludwig and me with different implements. You can download a short video from that scene through the link at the end of this post.

(A snapshot of Sissi being whipped tied to Jura.)

Sissi and Jura had an agreed total number of strokes coming to them and each of them could say how many strokes the other was supposed to take in the next round. That way they were able to split up the strokes between them as they liked. One time I got so much into the flow when dishing out a spanking to Jura that I forgot to stop at the agreed number. Oops! He didn't really mind, though, and I played little Miss Tough, telling him that it was his problem if he didn't tell me that the agreed number of strokes had been exceeded.

The last scene was Jura's birching on the legs, administered by Erika. I hadn't been comfortable dishing out a birching on the legs. Earlier I hadn't even been sure whether I wanted to watch such a severe scene. But then it felt okay. Jura is a really tough guy and didn't make much noise. And while the scene was severe, the undertone was playful as the rest of the spanking court event had been as well. Thus watching the scene wasn't as overwhelming as I had feared.

And then the court was over. Before we left, we all had supper together and talked to each other about the event, our kink and more. It had turned out that several of the participants were readers of our blog which felt great and a bit strange at the same time. The dinner was very relaxed and again we looked like the members of some kind of nice little serious maybe even square club. But of course we weren't.

After a day full of kinky fun (I had never played as much and with as many different people as I did on that day) we finally bade our farewells. It had been wonderful to meet Donpascual and several of our readers in person and to meet new fellow kinksters and like-minded meticulous role-players like Kristall and Sissi!

Kristall sent us two short videos which he had taken with his smartphone during the event and which he generously allowed us to share with our readers. The first video is a short excerpt (56 sec) from Sissi's caning by Ludwig and the second gives you a glimpse (41 sec) of the special scene with Sissi and Jura. As is the rule at the event, there are no faces shown. But nonetheless the clips might give you a small impression of the scenes.

You can download the two videos in one zip-File (size just 6 MB) here:

(A close-up of Sissi's beautiful bottom.)

A few final thoughts that come into my mind when I look back on the event: One thing that surely was different about the event compared to the kinky events we had been to in the UK and the US was how easily different kinks were mixed up. Both Jura and Julle wore women's clothes at the event. Nobody ran away during the M/M scene (in the first place, there WAS an M/M scene!). There were the special punishments of the cavity search and the birching on the legs. Another thing I hadn't experienced before: There were more male bottoms than female ones (although it wasn't an event aiming especially at male spankees).

What I really liked was that the more severe or unusual scenes weren't forced on all spectators. So nobody had to be scared of having to watch something they felt uncomfortable with. The level of severity was rather high, anyway, but I didn't find it over the top. And of course it wouldn't have been a problem if a spankee had told us bailiffs that he or she only wanted to play at the lighter end of the spectrum!

Still, Donpascual told me that the gap between those who would like to play out and watch lighter scenes and whose who want to be punished severely is a problem which might also keep female bottoms away from the event. That's why the upcoming court
will be made of two events which take place on the same weekend (one on Saturday and one on Sunday). There will be a softer spanking court on October the 15th and a more severe whipping court on October the 16th. That way everyone can visit the event they fancy more (or of course both events).

Unfortunately, Ludwig and I didn't make it to the spanking court event which took place in spring this year. And we won't make it to the upcoming one in ten days, either. But maybe we will be able to participate again sometime next year. It would be great to meet Donpascual, Kristall, Sissi, Erika, FJ and all the others another time and to swing that little hammer (and some implements) again!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Sep 2016):
You, Me And Them

Several of my recent posts are about the Spanking Gerichtshof (spanking court) event which Ludwig and I visited last autumn. The third part of the series covered our duties as bailiffs and several of the scenes we were involved into during the event. The final post about the event telling you more about my job as a judge will be published in October. Today I don't want to talk about what exactly happened during the event, though, but about what's generally important in my view when a couple like Ludwig and I wants to play with fellow kinksters at a spanking party.

As our long-time readers will remember, it was Ludwig who had already played with others when we became a couple more than seven years ago. I was both a spanking and a love relationship newbie and the thought that Ludwig wanted to act out his spanking fantasies with someone else than me scared me. It gave me the feeling that I wasn't (good) enough for him.

Fortunately the only kinky endeavour that was really important to Ludwig at that time (beside our own play, of course) was participating in spanking videos, not private play with others. So we decided that we wouldn't do any scenes with fellow kinksters at parties or private events, but I accepted Ludwig's film-making. I even joined him in order not to feel left out and started to enjoy making videos.

As time went by, I became more self-confident and more open to the idea of playing with others. For instance, we had a few little scenes at the Shadow Lane Party 2011. Still, private play with others was rare and we didn't do any bigger or more elaborate role-play scenes with others.

Then in 2013 we went to our first German spanking party with our reader and friend Fenris. He was new to spanking at the time and it was clear that he would enjoy being introduced to a more intense spanking session and the cane by Ludwig and me. Fenris of course didn't push us, since he knew that we rarely played with others. This time, though, Ludwig and I decided that we wanted to play with Fenris at the party. We already knew Fenris for quite a while and felt honoured that he trusted us enough to ask us for his first real spanking experience. The session was playful, light-hearted and fun – you can read all about it here if you like.

But there were feelings of insecurity between Ludwig and me afterwards. The reason was that, unfortunately, right at that time in the summer of 2013 we were facing several challenges outside and also within our relationship, and my commitment phobia suddenly came up. So all of a sudden the idea of playing with others started to feel threatening again, this time not only for me but for Ludwig as well. Thus we decided not to play with others anymore until our relationship was stable again.

That time had come last autumn. And so we decided to participate in the spanking court event as bailiffs and with me as a judge, too, which meant more and also more elaborate play with fellow kinksters than ever before at a party. Of course Ludwig and I were a bit nervous. Not only because we weren't sure about our role-playing skills but also because it was the first time in two years that we played with other people and we hoped that it wouldn't feel like a threat to our relationship.

We talked about the upcoming scenes before we went to the party. Most of them didn't seem to be problematic – whipping or caning someone who is tied to a whipping bench in front of an audience isn't a very intimate form of play. The cavity search that was supposed to take place as well was too intimate for my taste, anyway, so I wanted another bailiff to take care of it. Ludwig didn't have to ask himself the question whether he would have been fine with me actively participating in such a scene. The only question mark was about an OTK spanking which I was possibly supposed to dish out. Ludwig wasn't generally opposed to me doing that scene and I told him that I would decide after I had met my potential "victim" in person - and of course we could talk about Ludwig's feelings as well then before I would do the scene.

As I already wrote in the third part of my series about the event, I decided that I felt comfortable with doing the OTK scene and I also spontaneously got to watch the cavity search and even participate a bit by telling the culprit to strip naked. Ludwig and I were so busy with our multiple tasks at the event and the second scene developed so unexpectedly and quickly that I didn't get to ask Ludwig about his thoughts before acting, though. I simply trusted my gut feeling about what was okay for me and what would or wouldn't be okay for Ludwig. Ludwig did the same during his scenes.

Our gut feeling was correct and the event didn't cause any irritation or insecurities on Ludwig's or my behalf. We later also had a little private scene with Fenris and that was fun, too.

The experiences Ludwig and I have made with spanking play with others during our relationship make me believe that an already well-developed and stable relationship is very important for couples who want to play with others, though. Because during a spanking scene (especially a role-playing scene) unexpected things can come up. Of course calling for a halt and first discussing the situation with one's partner is possible then, but breaking up a scene is not what one wants to do unless it is absolutely necessary.

So I think it is important to talk about several general parameters beforehand. For instance, what does spanking another person mean to each partner, which fears and insecurities do exist and what are at least the very basic goes and no-goes when it comes to spanking play with others. In addition to that I think that it is a very bad idea to play with others at times when a love relationship is facing challenges. Because it bears a risk of using the play with others to run away from the relationship problems instead of solving them. And playing with others can suddenly feel threatening for one or both partners because those scenes will usually be easier and more relaxed than scenes which only involve the two partners since they are free from the acute relationship problems.

I am very happy that Ludwig and I have always talked so very openly about our feelings and made the decision to only participate in private play with others when it feels right for both of us. And I am glad that we never used the option to play with others in order to run away from the challenges we had to face in our relationship. Right now, spanking doesn't play a huge role in our life, but it is great to know that acting out more elaborate scenes with a bigger group of people can be a very light-hearted fun that is no threat at all to our deep, stable relationship anymore.

What about you? Have you made any experiences with playing with other people, for instance at a spanking party or event, while being in a love relationship? Are there any things you think a couple should take care about if they want to play with others (for the very first time)? I look forward to reading about your experiences and thoughts in the comment section!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Aug 2016):

It's hard to believe, but this is indeed the Kaelah's Corner post for my seventh blogiversary! My first-ever post was published in August 2009. Thank you very much to all of you who accompanied me on my journey during these years and especially to those who commented on my posts to encourage me and to share their thoughts and experiences.

For this special occasion Ludwig and I finally managed to edit one of our videos for your entertainment. Fittingly, it is the outdoor birching which was the result of my sixth blogiversary last year. You can read all about the shoot here. Thanks a lot to all of you who participated in the vote!

I hope you enjoy the clip! One of Ludwig's and my favourite parts is my genuine, spontaneous reaction to the very first stroke.

Another special aspect of the clip is that I didn't erase our behind the scenes negotiation that took place when I had to call for a halt after eight strokes. I found it quite entertaining and thought it would give you some insights on how we communicate during a scene -  well, and in general. I guess we are a bit like Statler and Waldorf! ;-)

Normally it's me who wants to do things fast and efficiently! In this case it was Ludwig who wanted to get the outdoor shoot over with as quickly as possible, though. The risk of someone passing by while we were shooting the clip made him feel quite uncomfortable. I, on the other hand, was more focussed on my burning bottom than on worrying about being caught in the middle of the act!

Unfortunately the marks don't do justice to the amount of pain the wicked little birch produced. I'm happy that Ludwig confirmed how stingy that innocent-looking specimen was when I tried it on him later back home. The birching definitely was an impressive experience.

Here is the download link. Have fun watching the clip!

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.)

MP4 format, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 265 MB: link

In case you like the video, it would be great to hear from you in the comment section!

Monday, August 15, 2016

In Court (Part 3):
The Bailiffs' Duty

(Trying out a crop.)

This is part three of my series about the spanking court event Ludwig and I attended last autumn. You can find the first two parts here and here.

When we arrived at the location, the place was already busy. We realised that the average age of the participants involved was higher than it had been at any other kinky event we had ever been before. But we were welcomed in a friendly manner and soon found Donpascual aka Ramon Herzog with whom we had communicated via our blog and email but whom we had never met in person before.

Donpascual showed us around and helped us to settle in. He wasn't the only one, though. Kristall, the only experienced judge at the event, offered that he and I could run one case as a team first before I would be alone as the judge for other cases. And Erika, my fellow bailiff, was also experienced and already knew several of the participants and their limits from former events. We also decided that we would dish out the punishments as a tandem.

First of all, I had to try out the beautiful whipping bench and several of the implements myself, though. I bent over, flipped up my skirt and Ludwig spanked me with straps, canes, whips and the birch. After all, I needed to have an idea how severe the different implements were. For instance, I made one funny observation: While the birch looked much more threatening than the one we used a short while earlier for our outdoor scene, it didn't sting as awfully. Maybe because it was some hours older than ours was when we used it.

Some of the participants watched our try-out with interest and FJ asked whether it was okay to take a few photos. We agreed and so we have some pictures to show you because FJ sent them to us afterwards. Thank you FJ! I also tried the handling of some of the implements on Ludwig to prepare me for my job as a bailiff.

(The try-out left a few marks.)

Before the court opened we were offered a warm soup. The room in which the court took place looked a little bit like a club house and some time during the day it came to me that we could have easily be mistaken for the local rabbit breeders association at their annual general meeting if it hadn't been for the whipping bench and the huge assembly of implements lying on a table in the corner of the room.

After the soup, the court was opened. I was happy that Birgit, our third judge who was also new in that role but an experienced attendee of the spanking court otherwise, was the first to sit in the judge's chair. That allowed me to start the day as an observer.

Birgit heard the first two cases which were the most creative ones, featuring the only female delinquent Sissi and Jura, who looked very good in the female clothes he wore and whom I envied for his beautiful legs. Sissi was charged with having cheated in a marathon and Jura had apparently entered the apartments of some of his wife's friends without their permission when they were away and opened their drawers. Maybe in order to try on their clothes?

However, in both cases the evidence was overwhelming (no matter how great Sissi's arguments were, she really rocked the show) and so both delinquents (like all delinquents on that day, surprise, surprise) were sentenced to corporal punishments by strict judge Birgit. Sissi was sentenced to a caning and Jura's punishment included several implements, the most severe part being a birching on the legs.

Ludwig was the first bailiff to do his honours and he gave Sissi a hard caning. Sissi really was a trooper, though, and even enticed Ludwig to go harder than he initially did with her cheeky comments. Great was also her reaction when Ludwig did follow her "invitation". She let out an indignant: "Ouch – that one really hurt!" You can see a picture from that great scene below.

Then it was Erika's and my turn to dish out the first part of Jura's punishment. Jura can indeed take a lot, so it wasn't time for love taps. Thus I swung the cane as hard as I felt comfortable (playing with someone I hadn't played with before and making sure that my aim was still 100 per cent). Compared to Erika I was kind of a softy, though, she swung the cane even harder. Jura surely didn't mind!

So Erika and I found a routine which we followed throughout the day – usually I started with the first strokes of any implement and then swapped places with Erika after an agreed number. The punishments usually consisted of twenty or more strokes with one or sometimes several implements. Kristall didn't let the next delinquents get away easily and so we were very busy.

(Ludwig caning Sissi.)

Then it was time for my baptism of fire as a judge. Kristall and I had to arbitrate a case between FJ and Erika. FJ had tried to sell his friend Erika his old VW diesel, knowing that she wasn't an expert when it came to these things and didn't know about the scandal which meant a big loss of value for the car. Erika found out that FJ had tried to nobble her and that the price had been much too high. FJ of course insisted that the car had been in good shape, that the price had been correct and that he had only had the best intentions.

Maybe you can imagine FJ's shock when he was confronted with the fact that I had his car sent to an authorised expert who had determined its value. And – said expert had found out that the car had been involved into an accident and therefore was worth even less than a car its age would normally have been! How fortunate that I am such a meticulous person! Of course FJ was sentenced to a severe punishment including a caning.

The other two punishments Kristall had announced in his role as a judge included an OTK spanking for Julle and a cavity search for another poor miscreant. I felt comfortable enough to participate in the OTK spanking since the chemistry with Julle was right. The cavity search (which was supposed to take place when the delinquents changed for their punishments, not in front of the whole group) of course was a bit too intimate for me, no matter how much I liked the delinquent who was about to be strip naked and searched.

When I accompanied the two miscreants to the changing room, though, I realised that Erika wasn't around. What was I supposed to do? While I wasn't comfortable with touching the most intimate parts of a stranger, I realised that I felt comfortable enough to order him to strip down naked. I watched as my order was followed and then called Erika who was next door where FJ changed for his punishment (the cases and punishments came in batches and so several convicts prepared for the punishments at the same time). She came and did her duty while I gleefully watched. I really enjoyed the role of an onlooker which was distant enough for me to feel comfortable with it. Then the delinquents were ordered to put on their punishment robes and follow us to the whipping bench.

I was very flattered when Erika told me that FJ would be happy if I took over his complete caning while she would execute another part of his punishment. And so I dished out a long hard caning. Since he had cheated on her, Erika was looking forward to punishing FJ as well. Fotunately, their friendship seemed to be very intact again afterwards. Erika and I made sure that the other two miscreants learned their lesson, too. I even sent Julle to the corner after my spanking before Erika took over and dragged him over her knee for a dose with the wooden hairbrush.

Now there were only two cases left. And I would be the one to try them as the judge. I will tell you more about that in the next and last instalment of my series about the spanking court.

(To be continued...)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Jul 2016):
Outdoor Spankings

(One of my favourite outdoor pictures - bound in the woods.)

The summer here in Germany is rather hot right now, which means it's a good time for outdoor activities (at least in the morning and evening). The sunny weather brings me to today's topic: outdoor spankings.

When the topic came to my mind, it occurred to me that there is a huge difference between my kinky fantasies, the scenes I would love to play out for real and the erotic pictures I like to take concerning where I prefer these to be set.

(Taking nude pictures in the snow always provides a special challenge.)

Most of my kinky fantasies take place indoors. Usually in some kind of office since we are talking about formal scenarios. From time to time a woodshed or a classroom can also be the setting for one of my fantasies. Outdoor scenes are rare, the only place that is more common is on the deck of a ship. No woods, gardens, market places or the like, though.

(A vengeance demon on halloween -
a rare outdoor toppy picture of mine.)

When talking about scenes I would love to play out for real, being spanked outside isn't something I strongly long for, either. One of Ludwig's and my very first scenes took place in the ruin of an old castle and I suppose old castles are the surrounding which would entice me most when it comes to outdoor scenes (although castles would of course make for interesting indoor scenes as well).

I guess I would prefer to rent such a place in the future, though, because the idea of being caught red-handed by unsuspecting passers-by is nothing that gives me a positive thrill. I wouldn't want to force my kink on anyone who doesn't actively choose to be a part of it.

When it comes to taking pictures, though, outdoor pictures are my holy grail! Not only kinky ones, I love the combination of nature and nudity in general. And so many of the spanking and erotic pictures which you can find here on the blog were shot outside. You can see a few of my favourite ones accompanying this post. Of course we always take care not to be seen by anyone when we take those photos. So far this has always worked out.

I find it interesting that my aesthetic preferences when it comes to erotic photography and my kinky fantasy scenarios are so different. And I wonder whether that's true for more people. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

(A dance on the volcano in Japan -
one of the photos we took during our trips around the world.)

Do you like outdoor spanking scenarios? And are there differences between your kinky fantasies, the things you like to try out for real and the erotic pictures or videos that catch your attention the most? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Jun 2016):
Risk-Aware Consensual Kink

Welcome to another slightly belated edition of Kaelah's Corner. Recently Erica Scott published a post on a well-written article about BDSM called 25 Facts About BDSM That You Won’t Learn In “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. I enjoyed reading it and I even learned something new – and that not even from the article itself but from one of the comments written by zaftigkitten. Casey Gueren, the writer of the article, referred to the acronym SSC (safe, sane and consensual).

Zaftigkitten commented: The SSC isn’t the most common acronym anymore. Most of the community has shifted to RACK (Risk-aware consensual kink, also risk-accepted consensual kink) which describes the philosophical view that is generally permissive of certain risky sexual behaviors, as long as the participants are fully aware of the risks. Essentially, although SSC sounds good, a lot of kinks do involve risks involved and it is much safer to acknowledge said risks when diving into the BDSM realm.

I have to admit that this was the first time I stumbled across the acronym RACK. While I think that SSC is easier to remember and understand, especially for beginners (a point also made by TheLittleRedHeadThatCould), RACK in my opinion is more precise and correct when it comes to describing what is important when engaging in BDSM activities. Because practising BDSM, as many other things in life, involves certain risks and there is no 100 per cent safety.

Plus, what feels sane to one person might already be off-limit for another person. The latter in my mind is one of the problems you often find in discussions about kink – people judge certain practises or a certain level of severity from their personal preferences and limits. What would feel bad or be harmful to them, given their personality and life experiences, can't be sane in their view, even if others say that to them it isn't harmful at all.

The term of risk-awareness takes into account that different people have different preferences when it comes to the amount of risks they want to take. And it also means that for some people it can be okay to take a greater risk from time to time because the outcome for them that comes from a certain scene is so huge that the balance between profit and risk is given. Also, the very same activity might hold a different amount of risk or potential damage for different people – for instance, going to a public spanking party and being outed as a spanko might be much more of a problem for a famous politician than for someone who isn't watched by the media.

Risk-awareness can mean for some kinksters that they only live out their fantasies in their head or by watching kinky porn or reading kinky blogs. For others it means practising their kink with their partner in their private bedroom. Still others take the risk of looking for a play partner online or going to a public party. And finally there are the few who almost dedicate their whole lives to kink and activities around it – like Pandora Blake whose existence was threatened when ATVOD forced her to take down her ethical trade porn site Dreams of Spanking. Fortunately, she found work for other kinky sites during the trial and used the time to enhance her political activities even more. Now that she has won her appeal, Dreams of Spanking has been re-opened which is wonderful news. But Pandora definitely took a rather huge risk when deciding to create a business around kinky porn in an environment which is as kink-unfriendly politically as the UK.

The risks we are willing to take can also vary depending on the situation. When I met Ludwig for the very first time I had scheduled two safety calls, even though well-known members of the community like Niki Flynn had already testified that Ludwig wasn't some kind of strange, dangerous weirdo. Still, when meeting a guy I didn't know personally, I wanted to be as cautious as possible. Later, I decided to put my face on the internet and join Ludwig in filming and posting spanking porn. Of course that comes with a certain risk of being outed and some people would surely call it insane – even more so because I didn't earn any money from it (rather the opposite). But the idea of making that special experience together was so attractive and the possible damage from being outed so low for me personally that I decided to take the risk.

And not only kink – our whole life is based on taking certain risks instead of trying to stick to 100 per cent safety or complete sanity. For instance, telling someone that one has fallen in love with them certainly isn't really safe, as everyone who had to take a “Sorry, but I don't feel the same for you.” as an answer can testify. Flying to the moon – certainly not 100 per cent safe for the pioneers who went there for the very first time. And giving birth to a child – probably not a very sane decision given all the terror, war and environmental problems we are facing in different regions of our planet. But a decision without which humanity would already have become extinct a long time ago, since life never was very safe on our planet.

What about you? Does the acronym RACK resonate with you? Do you prefer SSC? And what does risk awareness mean to you in the context of kink? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kinky Russia (Part 3):
A Hotel Room Fantasy

This is the third and last part of our photo sets from our trip with the Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia. You can find the first two parts here and here.

He had already left a while ago. But her head was still spinning. She replayed the evening in her mind, re-enacting the various stages of the session. How she had waited for him, lying on the bed, completely nude. Anticipation.

How he had told her to put on her panty hose (and nothing else) at his arrival, only to pull it down again roughly to expose her bare bottom after he had bent her over the desk. How the cane strokes had rained down one after another on her naked skin, slowly and systematically. How she had hissed and struggled, but managed to stay in position. Pain.

How he had ordered her to stand up and kneel on the chair in the corner of the room, her hands behind her back, the panty hose still pulled down, exposing her marked buttocks. How he had sat down on the bed and she had felt his eyes resting upon her, admiring his handiwork. Silence.

How he had come over to her, lifted her up and carried her to the bed. How he had stroked her, as she was lying there, whispering words of appraisal into her ear. How he had finally stood up with the promise to return the following week, taking a last look at her, still lying curled up on the bed the panty hose in a puddle on the floor, in the mirror before he left. Bliss.

She stood up, grabbed the panty hose and walked over to the mirror. She looked at herself, smiling proudly. Never had she felt as sexy and womanly as she did these days. This was the best way she had ever decided to spend her money. And he really seemed to like his job, too. A perfect arrangement.